My name is Kristan, Owner of KC Invitations.
I'll help you realize the dreams you didn't know you wanted.
Let us imagine...

Your invitations are paper. Crisp, textured, flawless, thick paper. It's refreshing to receive the sparkling, smooth or textured envelope in the mail. Especially when the craft of doing anything on paper is becoming more and more antiquated. The effort and planning that goes into each of my projects is always recognized by the guests at the celebration. Always!


I've been obsessed with stationary and invitations for as long as I can remember. It's not just paper. It's the element of your event that brings your vision together. It will leave a lasting impression. Will they be discarded? Yes, most of them will be. But just as so many other necessities of creating a fantastic and memorable celebration, it is worth it.


This is my journey.

It began with our personal wedding invitations. As a professional graphic designer, I put myself under a lot of pressure. I wanted to set the mood for our wedding through design and leave a lasting impression.


I had a hard time finding what I was looking for. I ultimately decided to take on the project myself. After many months of hunting down vendors and materials from all corners of the internet in 2012 (not as easily done perhaps today), I was finally able to put my vision together. It wasn't perfect but it worked. Then we anxiously sent them out...and I waited.


I knew from the reactions of our guests that I was onto something special! My hard work payed off and my invitations set the stage and expectation for our entire wedding. I was inspired and driven. I began designing the rest of our coordinating stationary. Once again, our big day came and EVERYONE recognized the hard work and attention to detail I spent to bring the experience to life.


From this one experience, I knew there was an easier way for couples like us. People who wanted to create a theme through design; something that would be carried throughout the entire event. I did it for myself and I  wanted to make designing a custom experience my niche, not just beautifully crafted invitations.


Finding the right words.

So here I am. I put the pieces together and I found the right places and people to help bring it all together.

I have everything you'll need and all the resources to inspire you to reach beyond your Google search. We can, and will, do amazing things together. They'll remember your event as extraordinary with all the right visual pieces put into place.

There is no small event. There is only your event. It just starts with the envelope.


Contact me so we can get your party started!

Our Wedding Suite

Top left: Ceremony Program, Menu, Response Card and Envelope below Table Number // Middle left: Outer Envelope, Direction Insert, Escort Cards, Response Card, Reception Card // Bottom: Invitation Suite Pocket Card Display